Statistical analysis projects

By Jennie Ashley Learn statistics by doing statistics. Anything measurable is fodder for a statistical analysis project.

Statistical analysis projects

Due Dates Project Proposal due date: February 21 or any time before Spring Break. Completed project due date: April 19, presented at poster sessions in lab sections. General Description For the data analysis project, you address some questions that interest you with the statistical methodology we learn in Statistics You choose the question; you decide how to collect data; you do the analyses.

The questions can address almost any topic although I have veto powerincluding topics in economics, psychology, sociology, natural science, medicine, public policy, sports, law, etc.

The project requires you to synthesize all the material from the course.

The Most Detailed & Diligent Statistics Projects

Plus, you get answers to issues that pique your intellectual curiosity. Larger or smaller groups must be granted special permission from the instructor. You can work with people in different lab sections than yours.

Your project will be presented in a poster session during the last week of lab sections. In a poster session, each groufinap makes visual materials that explain the project.

Then, people wander around looking at the posters and talking to the presenters, thereby learning about the various projects. Poster sessions are extremely common at professional conferences in many disciplines, including statistics.

In our poster session, some members of each group are stationed at the poster to answer questions, while the others wander around to examine the projects. The poster-sitters and wanderers switch off after the wanderers have examined all the posters.

There is no formal write-up of your project, i. The poster is handed in and graded. Your presentations factor in to the grade.

You should get started on the project as early as possible, particularly in thinking about procuring data and collecting background information. Keep in mind that by the end of lectures, you will have learned many statistical techniques, such as hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and regression.

Statistical analysis projects

These techniques will help you address your question of interest. Some ideas for projects The most important aspects of any statistical analysis are stating questions and collecting data.

Statistical analysis projects

Hence, to get the full experience of running your own study, the project requires you to analyze data that you collect.

It is not permissible to use data sets that have been put together by others. You are permitted to collect data off of the web; however, you must be the one who decides on the analyses and puts the data set together. Good projects begin with very clear and well-defined hypotheses. You should think of questions that interest you first, then worry about how to collect and analyze data to address those questions.

Generally, vague topics lead to uninteresting projects. On the other hand, it would be interesting to hypothesize why men or women study more, and then figure out how to collect and analyze data to test your hypotheses. Below is a list of some successful project topics that have been done by past statistics students.

Instead, consider the list a tool for generating ideas. Are men more likely than women to help someone who has dropped his or her books? Does the sex of the book dropper matter? Does having the pictures on puzzle pieces shorten the time to complete the puzzle relative to not having the pictures?

Does wearing shoes affect the height of a vertical jump?Analysis of the data Evaluation of your data to contribute to the argument Even though there is a certain word limit set for all statistic projects, it is the quality of your project .

Anything measurable is fodder for a statistical analysis project. Providing your students with the factors that should be included and asking them to come up with their own project may prove to be the most effective.

Ask them to state their subject, method of collecting data and a visual, such as a. Dec 14,  · Due to these differences, some statistical methods developed for the design and analysis of high-throughput projects may need modification or may be inappropriate for nCounter projects.

In this paper, we discuss statistical methods that can be used for designing and analyzing nCounter projects. Research & SPSS Statistics Projects for $25 - $ I have an SPSS data set with pre and post data on the treatment effect of children with behavioural problems. It has data from teachers, parents and children across four time frames.

I have been given. The most important aspects of any statistical analysis are stating questions and collecting data. Hence, to get the full experience of running your own study, the project requires you .

Final Report: Statistical Modeling and Analysis Results for the Topsoil Lead Contamination Study (Quemetco Project) Submitted to: Prof. Shoumo Mitra.

Statistics Instructions for Final Project