Stages of an interview

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Stages of an interview

Tuesday, July 22, Air Asia cabin crew interview process and stages - Updated Version - Hey guys, I am going to write about my experience regarding the Air Asia interview for cabin crew on June I would like to start by giving a brief background about myself. Being an air stewardess has always been my dream for 15 years yes, 15 years!

I remember very clearly because one day I was flipping my primary school report card where we had to write our ambition in it.

It has never changed after I carried on with my secondary school. So right after my SPM, I told my mom that I wanted achieve my dream to become an air stewardess, but what saddens me was my mom asked me to get a degree first before I can reach for my dream.

Hence, here am I 4 years later after my degree, finally able to fulfil a dream of my own. When I saw the post, I have mixed feelings. One hand I was really happy that there was a walk in interview open for everyone, on the other hand, I doubted myself if I have the qualifications to join Air Asia.

From what I heard from my friends who went to the Air Asia interview before, they have failed a numerous times as Air Asia is kinda picky, and they always look for petite I have a huge body frame compared to other girlsand good looking I am just an Stages of an interview looking girl girls.

These are some of the reason and fears that discouraged me to go for the interview. But at last I thought, why not give it a go, I will not lose anything if I really fail the interview.

Here are the things to you need to prepare for the interview: Flight Attendant application form http: Original and copies of SPM or higher education certificates 5. On the side note, I do not want to travel the day before to Penang, because I do not want to spend on hotel.

So for those who are staying in KL or even further would like to attend the interview held in Penang, I encourage you to travel a day before and spend a night in Penang, so you will get enough rest and energy to impress the panels!

Welcome back to CommCare HQ!

It is important After 2 hours of driving with my mom, I reached Air Asia office at about 8. The documents checking starts from 9amam, if you reach later than 11am, you will be asked to leave and come for the next interview.

Even though I reached 20 minutes early, the queue for the documents checking was already quite long. During the documents check, the staff will measure your height and weight, if you are under the required height, you will be asked to try again on the next walk in interview.

After the documents check, you will be given a number, advancing to the next stage. Queue up according to the number given, and wait patiently to meet the interviewers. From time to time, the staff will remind the candidates to touch up your make-up and hair do. There were 2 tables with 2 interviewers each set up in the room.

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When it reaches my turn, I slowly walked to towards one of the tables, shake hands with the interviewers. Some of the questions that were thrown to me are, a brief introduction about yourself, why do you want to become a flight attendant, why choose Air Asia, if you have any friends working in Air Asia.

Basically they will look at your appearance and comment about it, for example some negative ones, they will say that you need to watch your body weight, and some positive ones, they like your make-up and hair.

So be prepared if you are shot with some negative comments. Finally, after less than 10 minutes intimidating interaction with the interviewers, you will be asked to go home and if you are successful, you will receive an email requesting you to fill up the consent form and job application form. After a few working days, you will be asked to go for the medical check-up at the assigned location.

I got called up after 2 working days and asked if I could join the next training intake. In summary, the interview process is: Height and weight check 2. Two-to-one interview 2 interviewers and 1 candidate If you pass the final stage: Filling up Job Application form 2. Go for medical check up 3. Fill up the documents required And get yourself prepared for the flight attendant training!

It might be your lucky day! Overcome your fear, have confidence in yourself and shine bright during the interview.

Stages of an interview

All the best to everyone who wants to give it a try! Click here for the earlier version of the Air Asia Cabin Crew interview process and stages You can view the cabin crew interview process of other airlines by clicking here Above article written by my PAID guest writer.Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage.

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Stages of an interview

At this point, you have completed an initial interview and the company has decided that you are a candidate of interest.

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