Research paper on higher education in india

A study of sustainability needs to consider the role of all forms of capital—natural, biological, social, technological, financial, cultural—and the complex ways in which they interact. All forms of capital derive their value, utility and application from human mental awareness, creativity and social innovation.

Research paper on higher education in india

Objectives of Higher Education Regarding Sustainable Development In the area of higher education, the research programme should be influenced by striving for sustainability. The objectives of higher education are to discover new tools to deal with big problems such as pollution, climate change, energy, biodiversity, environment conservation etc.

The responsibility of higher educational institutions is to develop new methods and new approaches to explain the sustainability to everyone. Sustainability is a superb issue to bring together several different disciplines. The role of higher education for sustainable development in different educational institutes is very important and should be focussed for the following objectives [ 6 ].

To recognize and follow the excellent case studies in higher educational institutes. To build a clear vision of teaching and research in higher education for sustainable development.

To educate the decision makers and students about the hazardous aspects of current development. Dissemination of knowledge of alternative paths of sustainable development through higher education. According to UN, the main aim of education for sustainable development is to cover economic, socio-cultural and ecological aspects considering the global dimensions.

The challenges which are value-based interpretation of sustainable development are required to represent with more emphasize. However, it is difficult to integrate the various aspects of sustainable development into higher education syllabus in the light of value-based interpretation.

But, it may be simple after following the relevant professional practices and incorporating the ecological, economic, social and cultural elements of sustainable development in to research and teaching of higher education professionals [ 1 ].

Strategies to be Adopted for Sustainable Development in Higher Education Some important strategies are necessary which should be adopted for the promotion of education of Sustainable Development in Higher Education system and can be described as below: Analyse on the basis Questionnaire of sustainable development obtained from participants 2.

Need of national coordination and supporting networks 3. Dissemination of policies and case studies outcomes 4.

Capacity building in teaching professionals and students 5. Identify the leadership and award the good professionals 6.

Sustainable Development through Research and Higher Education in India

Higher Education for Sustainable Development According to a general opinion the challenge of sustainable development should be taken up as an opportunity for the development of research and teaching as a necessary element.

The education for sustainable development empowers the students and provides the direction for their mindset and aware for a sustainable future. Education for sustainable development is significant aspect of quality of education and it forms foundation of sustainable development and highlights the difficulties and interrelation of society, environment and economy of the country.

Environmental education for sustainable development in higher educational institutes is very helpful to prepare a cadre of environmentalists who can promote it further by post graduate and research scholars and finally output may be useful for the government.

Research paper on higher education in india

There should be an interrelationship between technology and economic development. Moreover, the research in higher educational institutes should be field based. Besides, workshops, seminars and training programmes on sustainable development should be organized for college and university faculties and also for students to prepare a group of experts [ 78 ].

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Research paper on higher education in india

After this brief survey on education and research in the country, it can be concluded that a lot of scientific programmes are being implemented by Govt.

of India as well as state governments to promote the research and higher education standard. Educational Journals.

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