Purse snatching

A Salem OR woman was loading clothes into her car in her driveway when a gunman approached, demanding her purse.

Purse snatching

When you're posing for snapshots, watch out for purse-snatchers who reach in from outside the frame. Being easy prey for pickpockets and purse-snatchers Your odds of being robbed or mugged in Paris are fairly low.

What's more, violent crime is most likely to occur in places that tourists seldom frequent, such as public housing projects on the outskirts of the city.

Pickpocketing and purse-snatching are a different story. Crooks with sticky fingers do a land-office business in a city that attracts more than 30 million tourists every year, and neither the police nor the judicial system can keep up with the thieves. We know several people who have been victims of pickpockets, and we can't resist Purse snatching an anecdote: While catching a train to Versaille with her husband and brother a few years ago, Cheryl's best friend saw a pickpocket reaching toward her brother's wallet.

The woman swatted the pickpocket with her handbag, and the thief fled.

Purse Snatching The theft of purses is most often a crime of opportunity and can be greatly reduced if consideration is given to some crime prevention tips. In today’s society, fewer women are carrying purses. AKRON, Ohio - An Akron man was arrested Thursday afternoon for allegedly injuring a woman with a knife during a robbery by cutting a purse of off her shoulder. Watch video · Two year-old men were in custody on Monday after one of them violently snatched a woman's purse outside a Manhattan Beach church and the other drove a getaway car, according to authorities.

Fortunately, he didn't grab the wallet or the purse before making his exit. Many tourists invite theft by making their possessions easy to steal. Men carry wallets and passports in their hip pockets, while women often wear bags behind their shoulders and out of sight, where a pickpocket can rummage like a bear with a garbage can.

Other visitors wear expensive camera backpacks that might as well be labeled "Steal me. The most clueless victims of all are tourists who wear neck wallets or pouches outside their clothing, where any snatch-and-grab thief can cut the cord before running off with a stash of money and credit cards.

Carry one credit card, one ATM card, and a small amount of cash in your wallet, or--if you're female--in a small purse that you carry separately from your main shoulder bag or tote. Hide the wallet in a safe place such as a zippered security pocketor wear the small purse under a jacket or sweater.

Carry a backup credit card, ATM card, cash, and your passport in a neck wallet inside your clothing. Keep photocopies of your credit cards, ATM cards, and passport ID page in another safe location so you'll be able to cancel your cards and get a new passport if the originals are stolen.

You might also want to scan the cards and passport to a PDF file that you can keep on your smartphone. Be aware of your surroundings, and be especially watchful in areas that are frequented by tourists.

By using common sense, you'll encourage pickpockets and purse-snatchers to look for tourists who are more careless than you are.Nathanson, 70, chased after her, but Jason Juhasz was waiting for Doolen, 27, in a white Chevrolet Colorado that they used to make their getaway.

The purse-snatching happened Sunday outside the.

Purse snatching

A female suspect jumps out of the car, and grabs the victim’s purse, and gets back inside the vehicle. The victim is seen trying to retrieve her purse.

A purse-snatching of a senior citizen at a Davie Publix led to the arrest of the suspect in an ATM armed robbery. An arrest report claims that suspect, year-old Jason Juhasz, began crying as. An year-old woman was punched in the face and knocked unconscious in a purse snatching outside a 99 Cents Only Store in Montclair.

Wanted 19 year old male for break and enters and other offences. Boston Police report arresting two men on armed-robbery charges after, police say, they failed to wrest a woman's purse and phone away even after waving a knife in her face.. Police say Joseph Lucas, 22, and Audrey Frederick, 20, went after a woman walking in front of Talbot Ave., near Welles, shortly before 10 a.m.

on Tuesday.

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