Pitmen painters

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Pitmen painters

Just as well, then, that I have more than two sentences in which to make you want to see it.

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The Pitmen Painters is extraordinary for all sorts of reasons, but chief among them is the fact that it manages to be both a great night out and gravely serious. In the years that followed, these men, poor and uneducated, learned to paint their teacher, Robert Lyon, soon realised that showing them slides of Titians would do no good; practical work was the only way in for them.

In their draughty army hut, they flourished, and word of their exceptionally expressive work spread; a local shipping heiress and collector took an interest and, through her, they met Ben Nicholson, and arranged visits to galleries like the Tate, where a curator entertained them with tea and madrigals.

Hall has wasted none of this stuff; he has milked it, unashamedly, for gags. But because he has carved his pitmen so lovingly, as if from marble rather than granite - they are exemplary: When does a man who paints become a painter?

When does draughtsmanship become art?

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It suggests, angrily, that the promises that were made to working men and women after the war - that all would be educated; that, as another of the men, George Brown, has it: Hall gives Kilbourn a monologue in which he describes his complete absorption as he worked on his first painting.

Hall can be sentimental, as anyone who has seen Billy Elliot knows. But here, sentiment is kept in check by political reality, raw as the Northumbrian wind.American Stage present THE PITMEN PAINTERS by Lee Hall, directed by Brendon Fox. This true story (Now Playing through August 14) following British miners unexpectedly becoming art-world sensations has not only inspired raves from audiences and critics alike, but also encouraged us to think about folk art, or “outsider” art, in our own community.

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Lee Hall (born 20 September ) is an English playwright and screenwriter. He is best known for the film Billy Elliot. Theatrical Outfit aspires to create a compassionate, joyful and just community by starting the conversations that matter.


Pitmen painters

What a brilliant place to visit, an old mining site packed full of social history and a fantastic exhibition of ex miners paintings Had a fantastic day in a well set out museum building followed by lunch in the cafe and further exhibitions within the out buildings.

The Pitmen Painters was a sell at the Live Theatre, Newcastle, where it originated in , before embarking on a run at The National Theatre, UK tours and a transfer to Broadway.

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The Ashington Group paintings can be seen at Woodhorn Museum near Ashington, Northumberland. Great Northumberland’s core programme of events ran across Summer , but there’s still plenty to enjoy in Northumberland. This autumn and winter, our great county offers a huge range of arts, culture and heritage events, exhibitions, concerts and performances for all.

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