Parking lots essay

Some big universities are like small cities; all the universities contain a series of facilities and buildings: Besides the large amount of facilities, big universities also face many problems, especially transportation problems. A few universities have introduced several pricing reforms, such as charging market prices for parking.

Parking lots essay

The problem occurs at northwestern as well. The parking lots are very full at most times during the day and a lot of students and faculty do not obey the parking places that they are supposed to park in. Some reasons why I think that parking on northwestern's campus needs changing is that the students that live on and off campus and faculty need easier methods of getting to where they are supposed to be.

Students that live on campus need to be able to drive to a close parking to there building is their class is along way from their dorm.

It will cut down on the amount of time that they have to spend walking. Also I think that it would help especially when it is bad weather outside. When it is raining or miserably cold then some people might not go to class if they know that they have to walk a mile through the weather, but if they know that they can drive really close to there building then I think that it would increase the chances of student attending class in the bad weather.

Problem Essay- “Where Can I Park?” | Yishu Wang's Portfolio

It would also help them if they had to stay off campus for a night and when they return ro have a parking spot available right beside there building. Sometimes the dorm parking lot might be full so they need to be able to just go straight to there parking lot.

Some suggestions in helping this is adding new parking lots around campus, increasing the size of the parking lots that are already there, and for the cops to enforce the tickets when people park in the wrong parking lot.

Parking lots essay

Students that come from off campus or commute need to be able to find easily accessible parking lots whenever they get to campus. The commuters already have enough to worry about such as traffic and red lights then have to worry about where they are going to park when they get to campus.

A lot of the time the commuter parking lots are just used as a community parking lot so that when some commuters get to school there spot may be filled by a car that is not supposedThe parking lots are very full at most times during the day and a lot of Essay on Parking on Baylor's Campus Parking On Campus Coming back to Baylor to start the school year was somewhat surprising for some students.

East Village was up and running, new roads were added, as well as some taken away, and the amount of green space. The Parking Lot Problem Maria Arbatskaya, Kaushik Mukhopadhaya, and Eric Rasmusen 24 May /25 May Abstract If property rights are not assigned over individual goods such as parking .

Many employees begin and end their workday in parking lots, but they may overlook the potential dangers of the area. West Virginia University advises workers to approach parking lots the same way they would any street or intersection. When walking in a parking lot, WVU recommends the following: Watch for vehicles and check your surroundings.

Parking Lot. There is a new proposal going around the school stating that every student in the school will have to maintain a B average or higher in all of his/her classes, if they don’t do that their parking privileges will be revoked.

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Race to the Kmart Parking Lot Essay Words | 3 Pages. Race to K-mart No one in his or her right mind would think that K-mart parking lot is a great place to have fun for a day.

Free Essay: Parking, a Major Problem on Campus Why do students and their parents pay such a large amount of money to attend the University of Dayton if there.

Problem Essay- “Where Can I Park?” | Yishu Wang's Portfolio