Nestle marketing research project

She told us about the declining sales of Nestle Orange Juice and asked us to provide the company the following information: Research Question Our research objectives will also include some questions through which we will try to solve our research problem. How important is the taste of Nestle Orange Juice important for the customer?

Nestle marketing research project

Nestle marketing research project

Brand The main aim of Nestle is to reach every single Pakistani. Nestle currently launched a new flavored juice in Pakistan that is Nestle Guvava in The profit and net profit margins remained stable.

Overall profit margin showed a slight increase but a slight decline in gross profit margin was witnessed. Last year growth in sales As per the meeting with the Brand manager juices, we got an insight about customer attitude, competitors, product development etc.

Literature search revealed that a few of our major competitors are: Sales of still beverages, such as Powerade and Minute Maid fruit juices, jumped 14 percent by volume, far outpacing a four percent rise by sparkling beverages, such as Coke and Sprite.

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Haleeb Good Day orange juice gives the consumers the absolute delight in taste, and revitalizes them at the same time. It is packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging.

A sip of All Pure helps our taste buds embark on a magical journey filled with the sweetest fruit sensations. The data that was found helpful regarding Shezan is as follows:The Company is engaged in manufacturing, processing and sale of food products in Pakistan.

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The company offers milk, dairy, and chilled dairy products, including UHT milk, yogurt. 14 Nestle Project[1] 1. PROFILE OF THE COMPANY Nestlé with headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland was founded in by Henri Nestlé and is today the world's biggest food and beverage company.

Nestle marketing research project

Marketing Research- Nestle Juices TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS ORGANIZATIONAL. Nestle is heavily involved in projects relating to its areas of expertise, such as nutrition, education & research, health projects, and agricultural assistance.

In times of crisis Nestle is amongst the first on the scene to help with humanitarian relief aid and food donations.

Nestle Marketing Research Project. Topics: Focus group, -MALL MANIA IN DELHI AND NCR. I have personally supervised the Marketing Research Project, which is original work as a part of academic assignment and duration of 15 days. During this period I found them to be hard working, co-operative and sincere.

Exploratory research will help us identify the research metin2sell.coming Research. To analyze the effectiveness of promotion campaign of Nestle Orange Juice on Juices To analyze new competitors in the market to see whether they affect the sales of Nestle Orange Juices.

ILMI Office: Marketing Research Project on Nestle