My unusual vacation

Traveling has always been my passion because by the age of 17, I had already been to exotic places like India, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Australia, and Malaysia.

My unusual vacation

She is doing much better, thank God. For me, while I missed Holy Week obligations, it provided a time that though fraught with personal worry, gave me a chance to decompress from all the Church volunteer activity this past year, as well as from current political news. Instead, I spent downtime reading books on my Kindle that were like airplanes waiting to land; purchased but not downloaded to read, circling in a digital holding pattern on my I-Pad.

But the title and subject matter fit a need of the moment. This is the story of two real Catholic artifacts — the Diatessaron and the Shroud of Turin — set in a real Catholic country — the Vatican.

But the two protagonists-priestly brothers-were not in themselves real, though their vocations most decidedly are.

The younger brother, Alex, is Catholic Orthodox, a teacher of the gospels, and a beard wearing, married priest who is separated from his wife and raising his son Peter in the Vatican that was homeland to himself and his brother growing up.

There is a mystery involving the death of the man mounting an exhibition at Castel Gandolfo involving the Diatessaron and the Shroud, and mysteries surrounding both very real items used as plot points in the novel.

My unusual vacation

It was as interesting to learn about them as to read about life lived within the walls of the Vatican, as well as the differences between the Roman, Catholic Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox traditions. Part of the murder mystery relates to a study of this process.

While the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke have many points of agreement, incorporating the more theological John does not as this writer speaks of many things not found in the other Gospels and in a far different voice.

This is one of the struggles Alex, the teacher, has to deal with. Both he and Simon have to struggle with the history of the Shroud, how it came to Western Europe and how to use it in an attempt to unify the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, and what place the Catholic Orthodox have with one foot in each encampment.

Incorporated are the last days of a dying Pope John Paul II, who has spent a part of his Papacy trying to bring about this reunification in the face of recalcitrant Cardinals and obdurate Patriarchs.

Food, drink and sleep.

There is Catholic and European history to be found in this book, and an interesting conclusion about what the Shroud might mean for Catholic art and iconography abjured by the Protestant world.That's my dream for every vacation. And yet this trip to Goa, India was quite the opposite.

So what did I learn that almost turned my life around? That's what this podcast is about. And it might just turn your life (and health) around as well.


This is the story of my trip to Goa, India. It’s where. My Unusual Vacation After a year’s savings and many months of planning, it was finally time for my vacation.

Travelling has always been my passion because by the age of 17, I had already been to exotic places like India, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Australia, and Malaysia.

Unusual vacations. By their nature, all holidays are meant to be unusual. They were created out of a desire to go in search of ‘the other’. Meaning, the quest for something different from the banality of everyday life.

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They respond to that desire for a holiday to be a ‘dream come true’. Unusual Vacation Travelling has been a longtime passion of mine. Being a photographer, I find seeing unfamiliar places, meeting new people, and getting to know different cultures exceptionally inspiring.

Apr 02,  · Unusual vacation rentals: Caves and cave-like dwellings. As the vacation rental market has grown, so too have choices in accommodations. Unusual Vacation Destinations: South Africa South Africa is a country that benefits from amazing vistas and warm weather all year round.

There is also plenty to do in .

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