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History[ edit ] Berry Gordy got his start as a songwriter for local Detroit acts such as Jackie Wilson and the Matadors. He realized that the more lucrative end of the business was in producing records and owning the publishing. Davis and Gwen Gordy wanted Berry to be the company president, but Berry wanted to strike out on his own.

Motown nhd

Johnson, the attendance counselor, indicating the reason for the child's absence. Johnson's email address is krystle. Motown nhd you have any questions, please contact the Welcome Center and ask to speak to the Attendance Counselor, Ms.

Debate Tournament this weekend Due to the significant size of the Deal Debate tournament, the location has been moved to Wilson High School.

Special thanks to Principal Cahall and his team for immediately agreeing to work with our Debate squad and for finding ways that this can happen. Please contact debate organizer Mr. Stroud with any questions, at timothy.

Motown nhd

Shakespeare Festival Kudos Congratulations to all who participated in the remarkable Shakespeare Festival this past Friday. In spite of Motown nhd publicity, a huge house came out for the show.

Parents, Wilson students, Deal Vikings, staff - all were excited by the quality of the performances, the thrill of Shakespeare, and the hard-work of all involved to make it happen.

Director Jill Roos, working with a dedicated group of students, started rehearsals in early January and it opened on the 31st.

Spelling Bee Congratulations to all of the participants in our annual school spelling bee! Special thanks to Mr. McDowell for their help in making this event possible!

Thanks to the hard work of student volunteers, the program now diverts almost gallons of material from the landfill each day! Keep up the good work Vikings!

All 6th grade students taking art in the second semester are reminded to bring in their unlined, 9x12 sketchbook with at least 50 pages. We will use these books regularly in class!

Payments can be made in cash or checks payable to Alice Deal Middle School. Gym uniforms are mandatory for all students. Your gym uniform including tennis shoes carries the same merit as bringing your textbook for core classes. All noncompliant students will be required to complete a written assignment.

Let's have a productive learning year! Trenkle in W to pick up a permission slip for a field trip to tour the United Nations in New York City in the late spring.

In addition, the first progress report for 3rd advisory will be posted. This report will not display class averages as students will not have completed a large number of assignments.

Conferences with core team teachers will be held by appointment only.

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The online appointment system available at http: An email address is required in order to make an appointment - if you don't have access to the online system please contact your child's team to create appointments. Instructions for the online system can be found on Deal's main Edline page.

If you have questions regarding the online system, please email elyse. Rhoads' Swim Club will resume on February 11th in E until 5: Embassy of Romania visits Team Santiago! Students will learn about the geography and culture of Romania through a language and dance activity!

Celebrate Digital Learning Day! The deadline has been extended until Monday, February 3rd.


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Motown launches its Soul label with Shorty Long’s “Devil With The Blue Dress” whilst Jimmy Ruffin and Jr.

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Walker & The All Stars join the roster. Motown was one of the most influential independent record companies in American history. It had more than ninety number one pop hits with black artists in a time that black artists were not equal in America.

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