English and spanish new world colonies essay

That was especially true for the 16th century when the New World was conquered by these three countries in particular. It is considered that colonization of Americas started inwhen Christopher Columbus, sponsored by Spanish government, discovered America. Spanish and Portuguese colonies were the first to appear on the territory of South and Central America.

English and spanish new world colonies essay

The ocean was crossed only by small sailing vessels haunted by both tempest and pestilence, the one likely to prolong the voyage by many weeks, the other to involve the sacrifice of scores of lives through scurvy and other maladies.

Yet, remote as the colony seemed, Quebec was the child of Versailles, protected and nourished by Louis XIV and directed by him in its minutest affairs. The King spent laborious hours over papers relating to the cherished colony across the sea.

He sent wise counsel to his officials in Canada and with tactful patience rebuked their faults. He did everything for the colonists--gave them not merely land, but muskets, farm implements, even chickens, pigs, and sometimes wives. The defect of his government was that it tended to be too paternal.

The vital needs of a colony struggling with the problems of barbarism could hardly be read correctly and provided for at Versailles.

Colonies, like men, are strong only when they learn to take care of themselves. The English colonies present a vivid contrast. London did not direct and control Boston. But while in France there was a vast organism which moved only as the King willed, in England power was more widely distributed.

It may be claimed with truth that English national liberties are a growth from the local freedom which has existed from time immemorial.

What do you know about English French and Spanish Colonies in the New World?

When British colonists left the motherland to found a new society, their first instinct was to create institutions which involved local control. The solemn covenant by which in the worn company of the Mayflower, after a long and painful voyage, pledged themselves to create a self-governing society, was the inevitable expression of the English political spirit.

Do what it would, London could never control Boston as Versailles controlled Quebec. The English colonist kept his eyes fixed on his own fortunes. From the state he expected little; from himself, everything.

He had no great sense of unity with neighboring colonists under the same crown. Only when he realized some peril to his interests, some menace which would master him if he did not fight, was he stirred to warlike energy. French leaders, on the other hand, were thinking of world politics.

The voyage of Verrazano, the Italian sailor who had been sent out by Francis I of France inand who had sailed along a great stretch of the Atlantic coast, was deemed by Frenchmen a sufficient title to the whole of North America.

They flouted England's claim based upon the voyages of the Cabots nearly thirty years earlier. Spain, indeed, might claim Florida, but the English had no real right to any footing in the New World.

As late as inwhen the fortunes of France were already on the wane in the New World, Father Bobe, a priest of the Congregation of Missions, presented to the French court a document which sets forth in uncompromising terms the rights of France to all the land between the thirtieth and the fiftieth parallels of latitude.

True, he says, others occupy much of this territory, but France must drive out intruders and in particular the English. Boston rightly belongs to France and so also do New York and Philadelphia.

English and spanish new world colonies essay

This weak cession all true Frenchmen regret and England must hand the territories back. She owes France compensation for her long occupation of lands not really hers.

If she makes immediate restitution, the King of France, generous and kind, will forego some of his rights and allow England to retain a strip some fifty miles wide extending from Maine to Florida.

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France has the right to the whole of the interior. In the mind of the reverend memorialist, no doubt, there was the conviction that England would soon lose the meager strip, fifty miles wide, which France might yield. These dreams of power had a certain substance. It seems to us now that, from the first, the French were dreaming of the impossible.

We know what has happened, and after the event it is an easy task to measure political forces. The ambitions of France were not, however, empty fancies.Comparing Spanish and English colonial efforts reveals that significant differences.

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Paper on English, French and Spanish Colonies in the New World Spanish writer Baltasar Gracian said in the 17th century that Europe has a face of the world: . David Anthony Essay #2 Spanish Nancy Faires Tues/Thurs Spanish and English Models of Colonization Spain was a major force in the colonization of the New World.

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